7 quick and healthy recipes you can make with a rotisserie chicken

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Cooking a healthy meal doesn't have to take all day. Rotisserie chicken is a lifesaver because it's already cooked and it's packed full of flavor, saving time when you want to make something healthy in a hurry.
Note: If you are at all worried about extra fat or grease, just pull the skin off of the chicken and set it aside.
1. Healthy Asian chicken lettuce wraps (h/t The Happy Gal)
This is a great option that you can serve immediately or freeze until later. If you make a big batch of this filling, separate it into smaller portions so you can pull it out for a quick, healthy snack too.
2. Vietnamese shredded chicken salad (h/t Saveur)
The unique blend of flavors in this dish is fun and light. It's always nice to have a wonderful flavor that doesn't taste like it should be healthy. The chilies in this recipe are a bit spicy, so you may want to leave them out if you're not a fan of heat.
3. Easy burrito bowls (h/t Cookies and Cups)
I'm a fan of do-it-yourself dinners (such as build your own tacos and build your own baked potato). This is a similar type of meal. Just cook rice, grab tortilla shells and dice veggies. Let everyone put his or her own bowl together. This meal is easy peasy and as healthy as you want to make it.
4. Chubby chicken and cream cheese taquitos (h/t Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice)
It's easy to customize these taquitos with your favorite fillings. You can reduce the sour cream in favor of more salsa if you want to shave off a few more calories, or add avocado, peppers and other veggies.
5. Buffalo chicken flatbreads (h/t Katie's Cucina)
How pretty is this pizza? Using Greek yogurt as the base for the barbecue sauce not only adds protein and cuts back on sugar, but it also creates a pretty creamy sauce that's perfect for a pizza featuring seasoned chicken.
6. Easy chicken pot pie (h/t Spicy Southern Kitchen)
Chicken pot pie is a perfect cool-weather dish, but it can be unhealthy to eat and time-consuming to make. Use a rotisserie chicken and stuff the pie with your favorite fresh vegetables to solve both problems.
7. Easy chicken & noodles soup
Chicken noodle soup is an excellent option for a healthy, filling lunch. If you don't want to spend extra time cooking the meat, try using leftover rotisserie chicken and low-sodium chicken broth from the store to create the soup. As a bonus, the chicken is likely already seasoned, so the soup will taste extra flavorful. Get the full recipe here.
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